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Where To Buy Floor To Ceiling Mirrors

These HD glass mirrors are clear and shatter-proof, making them perfect for your home gym, where you may drop heavy weights on the floor. The simple, frameless mirror design will go well with any home gym interior.

where to buy floor to ceiling mirrors

Our contemporary, large standing floor mirrors can help you accomplish your design vision with elegance and style. Choose from traditional lean-to mirrors or elegant hanging options that will reflect your décor to perfection. You don't need to have an elaborate mirror wall; these floor models are perfect for adding gold chic accents without supporting the mirror onto anything - making installation hassle-free.

We displayed this floor-to-ceiling mirror setup in 1982 inside an apartment. We said back then that floor-to-ceiling mirrors added a feeling of more space and also hid cabinetry and an entertainment center. You might notice the angled lighting creates a dramatic effect and helps point your eyes where the interior designer wanted you to focus. Mirrors have long been a device people use to make a small room feel bigger, but have you heard of these 14 ways to make a small room look bigger?

If you have a game room, a floor-to-ceiling mirror is a great way to expand your space and add a touch of flair to an already-fun room. Additionally, using a large mirror behind a wet bar in your basement makes your space feel like the real deal. Mirrors are the icing on the cake when it comes to taking your fun spaces to the next level.

Mirrorlite Glassless Mirrors reflect an optical-quality image that is bright, clear and free of distortion. Since glassless mirrors are not made with glass, they offer several benefits that traditional glass mirrors cannot provide. On average, our mirrors are 85% lighter than same-size glass mirrors. They are optically clear and completely shatterproof. Their light weight properties make for easy installment on walls, ceilings, stationary floor stands, or rolling floor stands and allows for transporting the mirrors with ease.

From the elevator you step into Transcendence 1. This enormous room is covered with mirrors and floor to ceiling glass windows. The mirrors on the floor and ceiling dramatically enlarge the view and can be disorienting at first. But it creates endless photo opportunities and a unique way to view New York City.

From this room, you can look out New York City through floor to ceiling windows. To the east is the Chrysler Building, Queens, and Brooklyn, to the south is the Empire State Building and Lower Manhattan, and to the west is Hudson Yards, the Hudson River, and New Jersey.

Two glass sky boxes with floor to ceiling windows and a glass floor jut out from the side of the building. These sky boxes are perched 1,063 feet above street level. This is the most thrilling part of a visit to SUMMIT One Vanderbilt and not for the faint of heart or for those with a fear of heights.

Two elevators, with floor to ceiling glass windows and a glass floor, take you up to 1,210 feet, the highest you can go on SUMMIT One Vanderbilt. From the elevator, you have a great view south, to the Empire State Building and Lower Manhattan.

Mirrors Reflecting Timeless StyleWhen placed across from a window, the reflective nature of windows make any room appear brighter and larger because it bounces the natural light around the room. Break up the straight lines of a console table or sofa with a round or oval accent mirror. In the bathroom, select a wall-mounted mirror that pivots to ensure you always get a great angle. A single mirror makes a large statement while a series of smaller mirrors arranged as a group creates an artistic installation. Browse the entire collection of floor-length, vanity, and decorative mirrors to discover the ones that will become a shining addition to your classic look.

If you're looking to make your space feel more open, a floor mirror is a great choice. Ideal for both small and large spaces, standing mirrors work seamlessly by allowing light into multiple areas throughout the home. When choosing one that works best for your space, consider every room. A free-standing mirror in the bedroom brightens up the space beside your walk-in closet, ensuring your ensemble looks great from top to bottom. Additionally, a sleek framed black floor mirror complements a modern bed headboard for a cohesive bedroom style. In the master bathroom, full-body mirrors are perfect for your nighttime or makeup routine. Consider adding a couple of decorative poufs next to your large mirror for a comfortable bathroom vanity setup. Or, hang a full-length mirror horizontally above the countertops as an alternative to a small wall mirror. When it comes to the living room, a wide floor mirror of any material enlarges a space by reflecting light onto your sofas or chaise sectionals.

Leaning floor mirrors add an extra element of interest to your floor mirror decor. They help create a feeling of additional space placed against a wall or near a corner. What's more: floor mirrors help you achieve numerous looks that accentuate your living room furniture. For a Victorian-inspired look, start by adding a brass side table in front of a gold arched floor mirror to display chic scentless candles nearby. Then, place a gold accented bar cabinet beside your full-body mirror to arrange atop luxe decor or to show off favorite cocktail glasses. If you prefer a coastal style home, choose a wood full-body wall mirror with a rustic vibe to complement the rest of your natural furniture. For instance, if you're still trying to choose a coffee table, you can pair a solid wood one to match the style of your oak wood mirror. Or, if you want to switch up your aesthetic, consider pairing a modern black floor mirror with your wooden entertainment center.

As the name indicates, many of our floor mirrors are designed to rest on the floor, though some of the options in this product category can be wall mounted if you prefer. With their tall, thin profiles, these mirrors are a great option for bedroom decor that can add some glam and romance to the space while also letting you know whether that new outfit you picked out actually matches well. We have several different options for you to choose from in this collection, so if your bedroom is either a bit too small or a bit too big, you can find a floor mirror that will work in your space and suit your personal style.

From glamorous living rooms to functional entryway spaces, floor mirrors enhance your decor, add light to a room and help you look your best. Whether you use them purely for decor or you want to have a mirror to use as part of your daily routine, our floor mirror selections offer you many options to choose from.