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MotionDSP vReveal Premium Portable: A Powerful and User Friendly Video Enhancer

after you have applied as many video effects as you want, you can move on to the next video, or you can save your progress as a "preset" for later use. the presets are called "skins". you can also export the video as a mov file, or you can download the original video from the network.

MotionDSP VReveal Premium 32013029 Portable

after using vreveal for a while, i came to the conclusion that it can be used on any device, and not just on pcs. i tested it on an ipod touch and an ipad and the performance was super as well, with no data lost on the ipad. it never showed any lag while doing its job, and it did not have any compatibility issues on any of the devices i tried. for the purposes of this review, however, i used it mainly on the pc, because of the interface, which is one of the more intuitive i have ever tried on windows.

while vreveal takes a considerable amount of time and effort to get a good quality product, the program is quite affordable. it is available for free for windows xp and above, but the premium version, which includes even more enhancements, enhances the functionality of the program substantially, thus making it well worth the money.

save your movies quickly and easily. with vreveal's easy-to-use editing interface, you have the ability to instantly create and share beautiful videos. with vreveal premium, you can improve videos by using up to 50 image and speech enhancing filters. you can also add your own music to enhance the video. vreveal premium gives you the ability to add your own images, text, and even voice and music from music libraries.

vreveal premium features 50 image and text enhancing filters, giving your video professional, professional finishes. vreveal premium's audio enhancement & text filters allow you to apply voice enhancement, speech enhancement, anti-noise filters, and many others. you can even remove background and other unwanted sounds.


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