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Upload Instagram For Mac ##TOP##

The extension allows you to send direct messages to other Instagram users, view photos, follow links from others just like the web version of Instagram. It does, however, have its limitations when it comes to uploading videos.

Upload Instagram For Mac

Download Zip:

Instagram was developed to be used on mobile devices such as smartphones. However, if you simply want to view, comment, and like, on posts, you can visit the desktop site. Use your browser and go to After this, sign into your account.

From Google Play Store, you can download and install Instagram. After which, simply sign into your Instagram account. Now, you can use IG from your Mac computer like you would in a mobile device. Meaning, you can now upload photos without the need to use your smartphone.

You can even edit every image and video you upload similar to that of Instagram. Plus, you can add specific captions for each image you post. The app also allows you to crop the photo. Thus, you have the option to upload the original size or popular square size.

Uplet is not the best app for casual users. But for those who LOVE to use Instagram and upload multiple photos and videos at the same time, this is the app to get. It costs about USD 19.95 for a personal license. A demo can be found at their site.

The greatest thing about Flume is its ability to upload photos and videos. This feature is not supported by a lot of third-party apps for Instagram. Simply move your mouse to the bottom-left corner of the app to show the menu.

Posting on Instagram from your desktop can save you time and offer more flexibility in what you can upload (such as edited videos and images). And you can do it without having to upload them onto your phone first.

Thankfully, there's a way to trick Instagram into letting you post. Instagram still lets you upload images from a browser if it's a mobile browser. So, if you're using a computer browser and you can make the website think you're on a mobile browser, it'll let you post. And that's pretty simple to do, whether you're on Chrome, Edge, Firefox or pretty much any browser you care to name. Here's how.

Flume is the only app that genuinely allows you to upload photos and videos from your Mac to Instagram. However, it should be noted that you can only upload photos in the Pro version of Flume which you can upgrade to in-app for $10.

Step #1. Once you do steps 1-3 above, click on the camera icon at the top left of the page to add a picture to your Instagram story. Step #2. Choose the photo you want to upload and click Open.

For Mac users who want to have one more beautiful and handy app to manage several Instagram accounts and repost pics, Flume will be a perfect option to upload photos and video to Instagram.

The Instagram Stories aspect ratio is 9:16 (1080 px width by 1920 px height). Videos uploaded to Instagram Stories will automatically break into fifteen second sections when played back by viewers, and there will be a slight pause between each section.

The desktop app is simply a file folder that automatically uploads all content added to the Dropbox platform. Simply drag-and-drop the video file to start transferring. Dropbox will notify you when your file has uploaded (synced), and you should see a small green check mark on the file.

Most of the photos you upload on Instagram are probably cropped or edited. If you want to upload full images, you can do so without having to cut them. First, you'll want to download the photo onto your computer and then select "Open in Instagram" in the "Save" menu. You'll then select "Open," and the entire photo will upload to Instagram.

Step 2: Now, this is where things interesting. This program supports the seamless drag-and-drop feature that allows you to upload single or multiple photos seamlessly. Another alternative is to click the Add Photos button to upload videos or images.

Instagram makes it easy to upload Reels from your Android or iPhone, but what if the video you want to upload is on your computer? Fortunately, you can easily post a Reel from your computer by signing in to in any web browser. If you want more features, you can opt for a web browser extension that emulates the Instagram mobile app. Just keep in mind that editing options are more limited when uploading Reels from your computer than from your phone or tablet. This wikiHow article will teach you everything you need to know about uploading an Instagram Reel from your PC or Mac.

Simply follow the on-page instructions or watch the YouTube video below to add a caption and location, upload Instagram photos and videos, and publish your post.

This issue is also particularly relevant for Instagram users who prefer to use a camera rather than a smartphone to take pictures and want to upload photos with all processed footage from a desktop computer. If you've often asked how to download photos and videos to Instagram from my computer before, there's no problem anymore.

Of course, you can access Instagram on your PC or Mac, but few people get the hang of it the first time and quickly post pictures on Instagram on Windows and Mac. If you don't know how to use one of the most popular social networks on your desktop or laptop computer and want to upload new shots as fast as you do from your smartphone, then this article is for you. All right, how to post to Instagram from a computer?

How to upload photos to Instagram from a computer? In the case of PC, most people access Instagram using Chrome, so we'll describe the sequence of actions for this particular browser. This is the easiest option because it does not require the installation of additional programs and applications. The following is a detailed guide describing what you need to do if you want to upload to Instagram website your photos:

Your Instagram post is done! As you can see, for these purposes computer use is also possible. This is an incredibly simple way that allows you to post any shots, including those from your camera or images after being professionally processed in a photo editor. Now you won't have any problems uploading photos to Instagram from a computer.

Well, now you know how to upload to Instagram from MacBook and any other device with macOS. Among the advantages of this way is that you don't need a third-party app. Plus, you see the site version of Instagram the same way it appears on smartphones, which is very convenient. However, you will not be able to post multiple pictures at once. So, this way of Instagram using cannot replace a full-fledged mobile version.

In the feed, videos are more popular than posts with photos. They are more effective in attracting subscribers, making the feed more lively, and are an effective channel for interacting with the audience. Features of uploading video content to the feed:

Today uploading videos to Instagram from Mac or PC is very easy. Now you can do this without additional programs and services by opening the site from any browser. You can upload videos up to 60 min long:

If everything went correctly, you'll see a message notifying you of a preview. You can remove the preview from the profile grid. This will not affect the availability of the video. This way, you can upload videos from any computer without additional programs or services. Now you know even more about how to post on Instagram from PC or Mac.

For more convenient work with the popular social network, you can download special extensions for Chrome. They allow you to access the site more conveniently, upload photos or videos, and create messages directly from your computer. One such popular extension is Inssist. Get it for free by simply downloading it from the web store.

Today we've figured out how to post pics on Instagram on PC or Mac and presented a few handy ways to do so. You can also easily post a video if the file you want is not on your smartphone but on your computer. It's up to you to install extensions, third-party applications, or just use your browser. If you want to use this social network primarily on your computer, choose a way that allows you access to all the uploading and editing features of the posts.

Uplet offers a much simpler approach the web-based Instagram experience, focusing only on the uploading of media to the site rather than browsing it, but there are features available that may interest power-users and businesses.

Since the release of Instagram V4.1, users finally get the ability to upload video to Instagram from iPhone that is recorded with the phone's camera. But as a mobile-exclusive app, Instagram provides no option for Instagram video post from computer/desktop. There are some their-party Instagram video uploaders and methods that help to post videos on Instagram via computer/laptop. Here we offer a detailed guide on how to put to Instgram from PC/Mac, YouTube, iPhone/Android in HD quality.

If you want to post a video to Instagram from computer/phones without losing quality and aviod sharing being stuck or not working problem, you'd better choose the right settings for the videos that are to be uploaded to Instagram. Therefore, learn the Instagram limits on post videos in file size, length, resolutions, codec and other settings, together with a Instagram video uploader to help you on how to make your videos qualified for Instagram.

To post videos on Instagram from computer/desktop, there are mainly two ways to go: share videos to Instagram from computer with the use of mobile phones or share video on Instagram from computer directly with a third-party Instagram video uploader. (For those who want to download photos from Mac/PC to Instagram, there are also websites that may help like

The methods below involve the use of a smartphone, namely, after you edit the video with the Instagram video uploader mentioned in Section B, Part 1, you simply need to get the video from computer to smartphone and share video on Instagram from camera roll as usual. This is preferable for those who don't want to install any program. Below are a few workarounds to do it:


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