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The Babylon Project 3.4 Complete No Install Latest Version [NEW]

After updating to Meteor 1.7 or, you should update the@babel/runtime npm package (as well as other Babel-related packages)to their latest versions, along with the meteor-node-stubs package,by running the following command:shmeteor npm install @babel/runtime@latest meteor-node-stubs@latest

The Babylon Project 3.4 Complete No Install latest version


The meteor-babel npm package has been updated to version7.0.0-beta.42, which may require updating any custom Babel pluginsyou've enabled in a .babelrc file, and/or running the followingcommand to update @babel/runtime:shmeteor npm install @babel/runtime@latest

Thanks to Cordova Android's support for pluggable web views, it is nowpossible to install the [Crosswalk plugin](, whichoffers a hugely improved web view on older Android versions.You can add the plugin to your app with meteor add crosswalk.

Installing plugins from the local filesystem is now supported using file://URLs, which should make developing your own plugins more convenient. It isalso needed as a temporary workaround for using the Facebook plugin.Relative references are interpreted relative to the Meteor project directory.(As an example,meteor add cordova:phonegap-facebook-plugin@file://../phonegap-facebook-pluginwould attempt to install the plugin from the same directory you Meteor projectdirectory is located in.)

See the Getting Started guide for the usage instructions and the API Documentation for more detailed information on the classes and methods available. Amazon Sumerian Hosts is a published npm package, so alternatively you can install in an existing Node.js project by running npm install --save-dev @amazon-sumerian-hosts/babylon. If you'd like to pull the GitHub repository and create your own build, see Building the Repository for prerequisites and instructions on how to do that.

The easiest way to get started using the hosts is by using Babylon.JS Editor with open-source-host plugin for importing Amazon Sumerian Hosts into Babylon.js project and aws-amplify-publisher plugin for publishing to the web. More details can be found in aws-tools-for-babylonjs-editor repo.


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