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Buy Markus T Glasses Online

Perfection formed from a single piece of wire: DESIGN was the first pair of MARKUS T glasses to be distinguished by all the characteristic features to unite all MARKUS T glasses later on: Extreme lightness, captivatingly clear design, reduced technology that is continually developed further and a hinge that manages without screws.

buy markus t glasses online

The combination of innovative technology and durable material: The TITAN collection glasses convince with strong stability whilst remaining light and filigree. The titanium flat material with matt surface and exceptionally long colour bonding puts the focus on the clever and low-maintenance technology of TITAN glasses.

With the individual clip-on, the MARKUS T frame easily becomes a pair of sunglasses. This finally makes the eternal and annoying changing of glasses unnecessary. The clip-on is simply attached and UV protection is no longer necessary.

The MARKUS T success story begins in 1998 when Markus Temming had the vision of improving glasses. They were to be light and strong, low-maintenance and 100% made in Germany. He develops his first collection: the DESIGN Classic. The idea of producing a pair of glasses from a single piece of titanium wire leads to the creation of filigree and extra light glasses frames. The DESIGN Classic is distinguished by clever design, excellent comfort and technical sophistication. The need for a long-lasting technology is met by the unique, screwless hinge and patented glazing technology.

MARKUS T eyewear is now one of the top luxury brands of glasses. And it has earned its status much because of its quality. They use selected materials that are titanium and synthetic material TMi. The construction materials become quite resistant and flexible, which is why MARKUS T developed frames with minimalist and parts for their glasses by seeking new ideas of pairing design matching to its essence.

The DOT Mono collection amazes the wearer with its touch to the essentials. The design of his collection is minimalist, to meet the raw and authentic look of the eyeglasses. It gets a simple look with ultra-thin titanium in use.

The most prominent and characteristic feature of these glasses is their screwless plug-in hinge with their horizontal temples. The DOT Mono is the first MARKUS T collection with temples that are horizontally aligned.

When Markus Temming designs glasses, the basis for his design lies in its functionality. He designs technologies which improve on comfort, both in terms of fit and, above all, for daily use. At the same time, the technical features become an element of the eyewear design. And so in turn, the typical character of a pair of MARKUS T Eyewear evolves.

Markus T design and produce lightweight and durable glasses in the unique working atmosphere of a redeveloped grain distillery in Isselhorst, Germany. Each pair of glasses is unique because they're manufactured 100% by hand by skilled artisans.

Great glasses inspire confidence, they're a trusted partner and a familiar friend. They're there for you, night and day, rain or shine, inside or out. Great glasses bring out the best in you. Luis Harper was created with the goal to help you find great glasses.

Titanium is one of the strongest materials. It supports the design of delicate frames. Therefore, the material is well suited for rimless frames and half-rimmed models. Titanium also enables full-framed glasses. There are even more advantages. Titanium are also very fashionable and elegant. Titanium frames from premium eyewear brands look amazing in colorways such as gold, silver, and black.

They take their time to find you the best glasses. You can try on every single frame in the store. It's like a glasses buffet. They won't rush you like most optical stores would. They give you honest opinion on the style. Price is so reasonable. I believe they are running a promotion on frames right now. Definitely going back for glasses in the future.

The fluctuation or independently relaxing nanoregion model attributes the distribution of structural relaxation times in a glassforming melt to a physical distribution of nanoregions which vary in their properties. A quantitative test of this model is described, in which parameters derived from relaxational data on B2O3 glass are shown to be capable of predicting the anomalous light scattering in the glass transition region. It is also shown that the local inhomogenieties which lead to the distribution of structural relaxation times make only a very minor contribution to the distribution of electrical relaxation times in ionically conducting glasses and melts.

Several metallic glasses in the form of ribbons were screened for activity as hydrogenation catalysts. Pd80Si20 and (Ni50Fe50)80B20 showed activity in reducing cyclohexene. Pd80Si20 was further examined for differences between the glassy and crystalline phases in the selectivity shown during hydrogenation reactions of n-hexenes, phenylethyne, α-pinene, and cyclododecene. No significant differences were found for catalytic selectivity in regard to cis-trans isomerization, double bond migration, and stereochemistry of addition under the reaction conditions used. Minor differences were observed in hydrogen-deuterium exchange.

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